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The most effective denture cleaner

Dentures that are cared for on a daily basis heighten your senses of well being, complement your appearance, and will be comfortable to wear. In addition, clean dentures help to keep the tissues in your mouth healthy and free from unfavourable changes.

Frank Powell (1928-2010) was a Dental Prosthetist who was dissatisfied with all denture cleaners on the market and decided in 1981 to invent one that would actually work for himself and his customers. So after many years of development he eventually was satisfied with his product called Cal-Dent Denture Cleaner and now Dental Technicians all over Australia and New Zealand use and recommend Cal-Dent Denture Cleaner.

Attached below is a link for a document by Prof Laurence Walsh, reporting on digital image analysis comparison of chemical cleaning of oral appliance and dentures, one product being cal-dent denture cleaner.

Please copy and paste and search this link for all the information from Prof Walsh on chemical cleaning of oral appliances and Cal-Dent Denture cleanser experiment.

His report shows Cal-Dent visibly gave more effective stain removal from soaking alone than Steradent, and thus was confirmed subsequently by digital image analysis.

Cal-Dent is a super cleansing protective formula, which removes stains and calculus from dentures and acrylic orthodontic appliances. All you need to do is mix 1 sachet of Cal-Dent powder with warm water. Place your denture into the solution and soak it for 30 minutes. After soaking your denture,

rinse it with clean water and give a good brush to remove all the dissolved stain.

You can purchase Cal-Dent from our clinic when you pop in for a visit. A packet of Cal-dent would last 4 months and cost NZD 25.00 , do not hesitate to call us to make an appointment on 09 476 4564. Looking forward to see you.

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