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Frequently Asked Questions


Q How do I know I need a new denture?


A. If you have ongoing pain or sore spots, that may indicate your denture does not fit as well as it 

should.  If you think your face is starting to look old, it may be time to get new dentures.  One of the 

advantages of new dentures is that they straighten and lengthen your face — making you look 

younger. If your dentures make a clicking sound, slide around, or do not allow you to chew properly, 

you should consider getting new dentures.


Q How long does it take to make a denture?


A. We often say “Good things take time”. To make a new set of dentures requires a minimum of 5 

appointments with our clinician. This may be more than the number of appointments you had for your 

existing denture, and that is why we are different. Our denture making process is more precise and 

we include extra steps in the manufacturing process to achieve an optimal outcome. At your free 

consultation, we will work out the time frame for your treatment and discuss all your requirements.


Q. How long does it take to repair or reline a denture?


A. Both can be done on the same day, as our laboratory is onsite. Repairs require at least 2 hours, 

and relines require a day. Call for an early appointment and you can have your denture back by the 

end of the same day.


Q. How long will my denture last?


A. Over time, your dentures may loosen and become unstable, causing you sore spots and affecting 

you in various other ways. Just relining it every 2-3 years is often adequate in terms of maintenance. 

After 8-10 years, the denture may no longer provide sufficient facial support, and you may experience 

extra wrinkles around your mouth. The teeth may also become worn.


Q. What do you offer during your free consultation?


A. When you have your first appointment with us, our clinician conducts a detailed examination and 

assesses your oral tissue and the structure of your jawbone. There are several factors she will 

consider in order to determine the optimal treatment option for you. You are welcome to bring a 

photograph which shows you with your natural teeth when you were younger. This can help to select 

the right size and shape tooth mould. Your clinician will listen carefully what you have to say, and will 

discuss your expectations with you in detail. 


Q. Are my dentures guaranteed?


A. We guarantee your dentures for 12 months.  This warranty includes the teeth popping out of your 

denture, or the acrylic cracking.  This warranty is only for natural wear. If your denture breaks due to 

you dropping it or your dog chewing it (which does happen), or if a tooth is broken due to you chewing 

hard candy or ice, the repair will be at your expense.  The warranty also includes any adjustments you 

may need during the one-year time frame.  We cannot guarantee that your immediate denture will fit 

perfectly.  Your mouth will continue to change after your extractions. We can, however, maximise your 

denture fit by adjustments and tissue conditioners. 


Q. How much does a denture cost?


A. Prices vary. You will need a consultation with our clinician to assess your oral tissue, bone 

structure and discuss your expectations. The price also depends on the choice of material, the 

number of missing teeth and the techniques that are used in the manufacturing process. To give you 

a rough idea, partial dentures start from $890.00 and full sets start from $2800.00

Our initial consultation is free of charge and you can ask as many questions as you please, so don’t 

hesitate to call us today and make that appointment. Tel 09 476 4564.


Q. Can I get a discount? 


A. You get a 5% discount on every new denture if you hold an NZ-issued SuperGold Card. Plus you 

receive a denture care pack with your finished denture.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?


A. We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS and major credit cards.


Q. Can I come back if I have problems?


A. Yes. It is not unusual for a new denture to create sore spots on your gums. Simply call the clinic to 

make an appointment for an ease or adjustment. Adjustments help eliminate sore spots and this 

service is included in the price of your new dentures.


Q. Can I make minor adjustments or repairs to my dentures myself?


A. No. You should never try to repair or adjust your dentures, as you might do more damage. Do not 

attempt to fix a fracture with glue. Many glues contain harmful chemicals that are not intended for 

human consumption. Call our clinic for any adjustments or repairs. All can be done on the same day.


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