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A dozen facts everyone should know about dentures

1. Dentures are not complete substitutes for your natural teeth. They are artificial teeth and

your chewing ability will only be 20% of what is was with your natural teeth. Just as you

can’t run sprints with prosthetic legs, you can’t chew certain foods with artificial teeth.

2. Some foods may never be ‘easy to chew’ with dentures.

3. Artificial denture teeth are designed to have the look and feel of natural teeth. Each tooth

can be positioned individually and “naturally” to give dentures a more realistic appearance.

4. Regular toothpaste, which is intended for use on natural teeth, is too abrasive for dentures

and will eventually erode the plastic base or teeth, causing premature wear and breakage.

Use denture paste or denture cleanser products, such as Polident, Steradent or Caldent.

5. Dentures don’t last forever. Even with painstaking care, denture teeth can eventually lose

their natural appearance and chewing functionality due to the cumulative effects of

chewing, brushing and age. Plus, your mouth changes over time.

6. Denture adhesives are safe, as long as you're not using them when you should in fact have

your denture relined. Most denture adhesives are a weak type of toothpaste and so are very

safe, even if swallowed.

7. Over-the-counter and prescription medications can affect dentures. Dry mouth (xerostomia) is a

common side effect of certain medications. This condition is characterised by reduced saliva

production and can result in an inadequate denture fit, as saliva provides the “seal” between the

denture base and the gum tissue.

8. Never try to do your own denture repairs.

9. Don’t avoid replacing your denture just because you don’t want to go through another long

adjustment period.

10. Dentures are not all created equal. If you opt for the lowest price, you will get what you paid


11. Even if your dentures fit perfectly, regular check-ups are essential.

12. Consider dental implants; the success rate for dental implants is better than hip, knee, or

other implants attached to bone. Unlike natural teeth, implants won’t break or decay. A

properly placed and maintained implant can last a lifetime.

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