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More than a denture

‘‘How much are my new dentures going to cost me?’’ This is usually the first thing that you will want to know.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. We are all individuals and the truth is that the cost varies for every patient and every treatment type. And the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is true in most cases.

However, judging from the number of people who come to Esther Watai at Venus Denture Clinic through referrals or word of mouth, she must have many patients who are satisfied with the end result.

The service, materials and technique is what makes this boutique denture clinic extraordinary.

The service is personalised from beginning to end. Esther, the clinician who designs and also processes your dentures will listen what you would like to achieve, talk you through the process and explain what to expect if you are new to dentures.

Revolutionary impression technique: New technologies are revolutionising denture making, and the newly developed impression technique used by Esther results in dentures that are stable, well-functioning and aesthetically very pleasing.

The teeth are precision crafted with a nano hybrid composite called Phonares II. Phonares represents the next generation of denture teeth, optimising shape, shade and strength and matching the characteristics of the individual patient. The result is a denture that looks exceptional, being both beautiful and natural looking.

The quality of denture base materials is also most important. At Venus Denture Clinic all dentures are processed in the onsite laboratory using the Ivocap Injection System, which limits shrinkage and achieves excellent strength.

Esther’s after care is exceptional. Patients are not afraid to come back with even just a little sore spot as they always treated with maximum attention and care.

If you believe you are ready for something different, and to be treated with an honest, caring and friendly manner, call Venus now and book your consultation appointment for your new denture.

Venus Denture Clinic is located at 6 Rosedale Rd, Pinehill; phone 09 476 4564.

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