Are stabilised lower dentures right for you?

Times are changing. Complete denture treatment is rapidly progressing and it is now possible to achieve perfectly fitting upper and lower dentures. Traditionally it has not always been possible for the lower denture to fit as well as the upper. This is now possible due to a different approach in taking impressions.

The new generation of denture technicians are perfecting a new denture fabrication system that ensures optimal results. Esther Watai from Venus Denture Clinic offers a new type of impression procedure that allows one to have stable, well-functioning dentures.

You’ve probably heard from many denture wearers or experienced yourself that lower dentures are constantly moving around; they often do not fit as snugly as the upper denture. There are several reasons that this might be the case. Esther answers some common questions around this issue.

Why are lower dentures so unstable?

The key to having stable, well-fitting dentures depends on the extension of your dentures i.e. allowing all muscle movement during eating and speech whilst your denture covers the maximum surface area. Dentures fit in direct relation to the muscles of your face and mouth. The muscles around your lower denture can dislodge the denture during function. Also, if your denture does not have close enough contact to the oral tissue, it can be unstable and feel loose.

How can it be helped?

When you have your first appointment with Venus Denture Clinic, Esther will conduct a detailed examination to assess your oral tissues and the structure of your jawbone. There are several factors she will consider in order to determine whether it’s possible to achieve a more stable lower denture for you.

Does this method cost less than having implants?

Yes. This method is based on a special impression technique developed in Japan, and has no surgical involvement or extra cost.

Can you improve my existing denture or do I need to have a new one made?

If your existing denture functions well and you’re happy with the look, it’s possible to reline it with this method and achieve improved stability. However, it may need a couple of impressions as this procedure is technique sensitive and requires time and precision.

To see if a stabilised lower denture is right for you, make an appointment with Esther Watai at Venus Denture Clinic, Unit N, 6 Rosedale Road, Pinehill. Phone 476 4564.

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